Test Drive GMC Canyon…online!

Cayobo, Flickr Creative Commons

GMC continues to be a leader in innovative ways to allow you to experience their products. For example, you can test drive the new GMC Canyon midsize pickup from the comfort of your own home! The “Canyon Experience” allows you to virtually drive a Canyon pickup in four different environments, the first of which is YOUR neighborhood! Thanks to Google Maps and Google Street View, you simply allow the Canyon Experience to use your current location to tailor an experience to where you are right now. One of the coolest things is to “park” your Canyon outside your house and see just how good that looks!

The four different environments you can select for your test drive are: mountain, shore, city, or rural. Not everybody lives in town, not everybody lives where it’s flat, but the Canyon can handle all environments with ease. The Canyon Experience will work with laptops, desk tops, tablets, and iOs and Android phones as well.

I gotta tell you, I enjoyed my drive through the mountains this morning. I could almost feel the lack of humidity and the un-Texas change in grade. Not only that but the Canyon looks pretty darn good parked in front of my house! Oddly enough it looked best in front of my house in the Quicksliver Mettalic color! I casually left the laptop open on the kitchen counter over night, and when my wife checked her email this morning, the first thing she said was, “Wow, that’s our house! That truck looks GOOD out there!” You could have knocked me over with a feather, I thought the whole “new truck” conversation was either going to be big trouble or was entirely forbidden.

So, if you have 10-15 minutes to explore online, and we all know you do, then give the Canyon Experience a try. You can try it yourself right here!