Scammers Are On The Prowl

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I hear about more often than I care to admit. People find a great car (or so they think) on Craigslist and they end up losing tons of money. It’s so easy to create a used car listing on the popular site and generate some interest in a used car that doesn’t really exist. Nowadays, scammers are taking advantage of the older generation by touting classic cars and super low prices for them. Here’s a few tips on how to avoid falling victim to a scammer.

Double Check All References

A scammer will give you information that you can’t verify. Be sure to get good information regarding addresses, phone number, and references.

Don’t Buy Anything Until You See The Car

Sure, the seller may send you tons of pictures, but until you can verify that the car is actually in his possession and has the right to sell it, then be cautious of anyone giving a deal that’s too good to be true.

Beware the Reasons

When you contact a seller and they are trying to get rid of a car because they are moving overseas or some place where they can’t take the car, due to registration or transport issues, be wary of this seller. This is a common tactic to try to get potential buyers to commit to purchasing said vehicle in a hurry, without actually verifying the validity of the sale.

Never Wire Transfer or Escrow

Wire transfers and escrow services are the most common way thieves use to collect money. If they require you to use either of those services, hang up the phone and don’t look back. Those services are used because there is little recourse when you find out you have been scammed. Once it’s gone, it’s extremely hard to get back, if at all.

Do you know of anyone who has been scammed on Craiglist or any other selling website?