Fort Worth GMC owners, keep your tires in better condition

This might be a No-Brainer for most of you, but I’m constantly surprised by how many cars come into my Texas GMC Dealership that don’t have the correct amount of pressure in their tires. The fact of the matter is that under-inflated  tires can make your car handle poorly and eventually lead to a blowout! Too high of tire pressure means there is less of the tire touching the ground which can cause your traction and stopping distances to decrease. Too low of tire pressure means that more of the tire’s surface area is touches the ground increasing friction between the tire and the road. This can also cause your tires to wear out earlier. []

There is an extremely easy way to avoid the above-mentioned situations. Measure your tire pressure regularly, especially in the summer months. All it takes is $10 and five minutes of your time.

1. Buy a Tire-Pressure Gauge

Never rely on your sight for judging whether or not a tire is low. Always use a tire-pressure gauge. You can pick one up for less than $10 almost anywhere. I found a great deal on a tire gauge, emergency hammer and seat belt cutter all-in-one on for only $15.

2. Find Out What Your Tire Pressure Should Be

If you open your driver-side door, you’ll find a sticker with a bunch of information on it. What you are looking for is the PSI (pounds per square in). This is the maximum amount of air pressure your tires should have.

3. Check the Pressure

Unscrew the cover on your valve stem, and press your pressure gauge firmly onto the valve stem. The end will slide out to show you the PSI of your tires. If you hear air escaping you’re not measuring the PSI correctly and need to push the end of the valve stem back in and try measuring the PSI again.

If you think you may not be doing it incorrectly, or have any questions in general, you can always give us a call or even swing by Freeman Grapevine! keeping your tires at the right pressure will not only prolong the life of your tires, but give you more control over your Fort Worth Buick or GMC.