Dallas Fort. Worth GMC Dealer: See What You’ve Been Missing In The 2012 GMC Terrain.

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Terrain is a true crossover inside and out. It has the capability and cargo space you’d expect from an SUV but the comfort, technology, quietness, and superior fit and finish you might expect to find in a luxury sedan. Which means that the Terrain continues to offer the driving public and small SUV shoppers an excellent alternative to the rest of the herd.

Let’s check out the new 2012 GMC Terrain:


The Terrain is the classic “‘tweener”. It’s wider and more powerful than it’s earlier relatives, without compromising any of the utilities offered to both drivers and passengers. In fact, some of it’s coolest changes can’t bee seen, like the integration of modern electronics and a back-up camera.

Of course the only way to really get a feel for the 2012 GMC Terrain is to come on over to Freeman Grapevine and see one for yourself. You are going to really be impressed by both what’s under the hood and inside the cabin.