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Securing That Load In Your GMC Truck

truckloadIf you own a truck, then that means that you are now the unofficial moving company for all of your friends and family. While you probably didn’t sign up for this duty when you bought your truck, at some point you are probably going to be asked to help a buddy move furniture and other large objects. While you may think that the most important part of helping someone move is how they will pay you back, it is actually knowing how to properly tie down your load. There is more that goes into moving than throwing everything haphazardly into your truck bed.

The first thing you should do is balance your load. You want to put your heavier and bigger items closer to the cab of your truck than in the back towards the gate. This will help give you better handling when driving. Also, if you have lighter stuff in the front of your bed, they may get crushed or broken due to the weight the may slide onto while moving. Also, try to fill as much space as possible. Think of your truck bed as a giant game of Tetris, and remember that the less open space there is the less chance for movement will occur.

Once you have your truck bed filled it is time to tie everything down. All trucks have anchor points along the sides of the bed, and some even have floor anchors. The optimal tie down angle is forty five degrees, and make sure that your bungee cords and tie down strips aren’t rubbing against any sharp objects to prevent your straps getting cut. If you need to create a tighter hold, then use the back of your truck bed as an anchor point. Before you drive off, be sure to give your load a firm shake and make sure that nothing will be loose or moving.

When driving, go slowly and don’t take hard turns or sudden stops and you and your load will arrive safely at your destination. If you are looking for a new truck, like a GMC Sierra, or Yukon, then be sure to come into Freeman Grapevine.