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Proper Spare Tire Maintenance

What’s the one thing that you really take for granted in regards to your car? Your A/C? The heated leather seats? How about the spare tire?

Freeman Grapevine wants to remind you that proper attention given to your spare tire will certainly pay off. Come on, this is Dallas Fort Worth, it’s like the road debris capital of the world here.

If you think that checking the air pressure in your spare might seem like common sense, you’d be surprised. For many people, it’s out of sight are also out of mind. Getting a flat is bad enough. Actually having a spare that is too under-inflated, well that will just ruin your day.

Many new cars have an on-board monitoring system that alerts you if your spare needs air. Pay attention to the warning or you will be paying for a tow truck.

Honestly, you should already know how to do this, but below is a brief video video on how to remove your spare. In fact, your spare might be even easier to access, as it might be contained in a compartment under your cargo space floor.

Check your spare tire monthly and start making that a habit. Remember, having a properly maintained spare tire, doesn’t mean doubling your waist size, but being a little more vigilant in regards to keeping your spare in good shape.