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Pass Your Driving Test, Learn Your Signs: The Road Itself Is, Literally, An Information Highway

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One of the coolest memories I have was the day I passed my driver’s test and got my license. It was a big day. It was also a big responsibility. I was in command of large vehicle with a lot of power. I remember how easy it was to get on the gas and almost let it get away for me. In addition to that, the road had to have my utmost, undivided attention. I was constantly being fed information, by signs, signals and situations.

Just take a look at the 121/114 interchange in front of Freeman Grapevine. You can’t drive 20 feet without be fed some kind of information. The video below highlights one of the most focused on portions of your written exam: sings and signals.


Dallas teen drivers, if you happen to be reading this, I’m going to give you a little hint about your exam. Learn your signs and signals. They will be a predominant factor of both your written and practical driving test. So, hit those books kids, because we want you to pass those exams and get your first car at Freeman Grapevine.