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GMC Sierra, The Ultimate Tailgater

sierra tailgating, ultimate tailgating, gmc tailgating, freeman grapevine, gmc football, gmc game,Finally, Football is back!!! Of course that means you are busy selecting the games you are going to attend, but more importantly, you are making even bigger preparations for tailgating that game!

Of course, what better way to tailgate more efficiently in a new 2014 GMC Sierra. Sure you can tailgate in any vehicle, but it’s just more authentic in a truck. Am I right? Plus just take a look at how cool this tailgate is!

You’ll have more space to transport food and beverages, tents, chairs, TVs, and grills (take a look at the one in the picture above…that’s a great grill). Let’s face it, tailgating is the ultimate fan preparation before the teams hit the gridiron.

Check out the fine are of tailgating in this video. It’s worth the watch! (Yeah, It’s a Bengals oriented video…Cowboys fans do it better).

If you are looking for a new way to start tailgating, try it in a luxurious new 2014 GMC Sierra. Come and take a look at all of the great tailgating options Freeman Grapevine.

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