Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC: Sharing the Road With 18 Wheelers

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Have you ever put any thought into understanding what it’s like to drive an 18 wheeler on a crowded and hectic roadway? Your Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC dealer, Freeman Grapevine wants to remind you that, even though you share the road with truck drivers and their cargo, you have more maneuverability and a clearer line of sight which makes you the game changer if there is a sudden reduction in speed or lane change. Chances are YOU will be the one that is either rapidly approaching a rig in your lane, or changing lanes to get around one.

I can say that most big rig drivers follow the rules of the road fairly well, if they don’t they could incur sever penalties, or fines which can affect their ability to be hired by the companies they truck for. So, you see, most of the time when you are frustrated with a slower moving rig, it’s not his fault, he’s going the speed limit; it’s you who needs to drive less aggressively.

To really appreciate the difficulty in driving an 18 wheeler, you have to understand their physics. They have wide turning radius. They have large blind spots. That  also take 800 feet to stop going 55 mph, whereas you would take only 400 feet. In other words, pass them quickly, don’t follow close behind, don’t cut them off when you make lane changes, etc. Common sense may not be so common for many drivers.


The bottom line is give these guys a break. Slow down. You will make their driving task much easier and less stressful, and at the same time you will be less aggressive and less of a nuisance. It’s just a matter of respect. Even if you’ve been behind the wheel since you were 16, there are still those of you out there that could stand to learn to share the road with others. Freeman Grapevine just want you understand that courtesy is contagious, avoid problems, don’t be a part of them.