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Keyless Remote Problems

One of the greatest inventions in the modern history of the the automobile, isn’t the internal combustion engine…it’s the keyless entry system. That’s right, the keyless remote. It allows you to conveniently unlock your car from a distance to keep you out of the rain, or heat just a bit longer. Gone are the days of fumbling to insert the car key into the lock with hands full of “whatever”.

Of course when the the key fob goes down and you know it’s not the battery, what are you gonna do?

Remote keyless systems usually operateĀ  on high frequency, short-range radio signals that can be obstructed by physical objects such as buildings or even other vehicles situated between the transmitter and receiver. The signals can also be jammed by interference from other transmission sources such as radio towers, radar detectors, walkie-talkies, cellphones and even fluorescent lights (see the do more than just make your skin look bad).

If the fob battery was just replaced, or if the same problem occurs in various locations, the system may need to be resynchronized. If, by chance, this procedure isn’t outline in the owner’s manual of your Buick, or GMC, your best bet is to bring it into Freeman Grapevine and have us take a look. It could mean the difference between a simple resynchronization or total replacement.