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What Do You Do When The Check Engine Light Comes On?

There is no doubt that if you are a car owner this has happened to you. The “check engine” light all of a sudden pops on. Why is it on in the first place? Your car seems to be performing fairly well and there’s nothing you can tell that is wrong. Well that check engine light is anything but just a pretty light, it can actually be a serious warning  That light is connected to many different alerts in your engine and your electrical system. Ignoring it could prove for some costly repairs. It might be something as simple as an a faulty gas cap or under-pressured spare, or as serious as an internal engine issue. You just don’t know and should have it checked out by your GM Mechanic as soon as you can.

I found this report that goes into further detail about why your check engine light may be on.

If your check engine light is on, the best and most prudent thing to do is to bring it into Freeman Grapevine so we can take a look at it and repair any issues you may be having. Remember, failing to properly maintain your Buick or GMC can result in some expensive repairs. Warning lights are there for a reason so don’t just ignore them, bring your car into a certified GM repair shop and get that problem fixed.