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A Multi-Million Dollar Garage Nice Enough For Texas

Now we all know the slogan, “everything is BIG in Texas”. Well this garage is big, but it’s not in Texas, it’s in Arizona. However I wanted to share it with you, because not only is it a multi-million dollar garage, but the cars that is houses are simply amazing.

You’ve gotta respect and admire a guy who loves his vehicles this much to construct a garage that is amazingly unique and a design marvel. Never mind that he has a 1 million dollar Bugatti, or an array of other vehicles, including a Barracuda worth approximately $2 mil. This garage is a fantasy garage, with leather clad walls and touch screen information centers.

Check this place out!


Now I’m sure that somewhere in Texas there exists a garage that might rival this one, but I has yet to hear about it. I mean, let’s get serious here, a turntable that’s both functional and for show? That’s pretty extravagant.

Have you seen or heard of another garage that can rival this one? If so, show it to us! Freeman Grapevine loves stuff like this. I know it’s almost obnoxious to have a space like this, but at the same time, this multi-million dollar garage is certain worth all of the jaws it’s dropped.