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Dallas Buick GMC: Why 10:00 & 2:00

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Freeman Grapevine knows that sharing the road in Dallas and Fort Worth traffic can be hectic sometimes, especially when you throw in some random crazy driver that seemingly comes out of now where. Having your hands in the proper positions on the steering wheel will keep your focus on the road if you do encounter a situation of some kind.


The longer we are behind the wheel, the more we become lazy and comfortable in our car seats. It seems like the moment we take both of our hands off of the steering wheel is the moment we take our minds of driving.

Now don’t get me wrong, for many many people, including myself, to have a truly relaxing drive, one hand goes to 12:00 and the other is resting comfortably. That’s all well and good when you are on a long stretch of highway with the cruise control is set in you Dallas Fort Worth Buick or GMC, but when you are jockeying for position in heavy traffic, having both hands on the wheel is paramount. You’ll have better control and more strength to turn the wheel in a flash if need be.

10 and 2 just isn’t for the student driver, it’s for every driver. Sitting up straight and taking a firm grasp of the wheel will keep you alert and focused on the road. I know it sounds simple, but I dare you to try to modify your driving habits…the same habits that have been slowly developing over your driving career. You’ll find that it won’t be as easy as you think.

Let Freeman Grapevine know how you do.