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Remember, We Are Donating to Cook Children’s Health Care

Yes. I already wrote a blog entry about our $1 per fan donation to Cook Children’s Health Care Foundation, but is one blog really enough? Of course, not…100,000 blogs aren’t enough to get across how important places like Cook Children’s are!

I’ve already heard amazing stories of survival and received heartfelt “Thank You’s” for holding the simplest fund raiser we could. But ,you know what? Every dollar counts. Every pair of eyes that reads this counts. Every person we get to our Facebook page counts, because without the support of the community, places like Cook Children’s Health Care System would struggle to make ends meet.

I know what you are thinking, but the insurance covers…I’m going to stop you there. This isn’t about insurance, it’s not even really about money, it’s about people. It’s about kindness. It’s about hope. Freeman Grapevine understands how important these things are to the Mother’s and the Father’s of these children. We understand that these families are stronger and more courageous than you could imagine. We want you to understand that too.

As much as we all wish that every baby was born healthy, that every child was cancer free, that every child’s lungs and hearts were without flaws, they aren’t and that’s why we need places like Cook Children’s. That’s why we need you!

If you haven’t already, take a moment “like” our page and show your support for one of Texas’ greatest health care systems on, or before December 31st.

Thank you for your support and your time.