Trucks are more likely to last 250,000 miles than other vehicles

While it seems like people are buying new cars all the time, the vehicles on America’s roads are far from new. The average age of cars on our roads was 12.2 years in 2022, but a new study from iSeeCars shows that some vehicles are better able to stand the test of time, especially trucks.

The Toyota Land Cruiser nabbed the top spot on the iSeeCars list, but trucks dominated the top 10. Several models had a more than 40 percent chance of lasting 250,000 miles, and many were over 20 percent. The list of trucks most likely to last includes:

It’s not surprising to see so many heavy-duty trucks on the list, as their rugged construction and high initial price make them more likely to be maintained and kept in service for the long haul. Many HD trucks also have diesel engines, which frequently outlast their gas counterparts, especially after years of work duty. The Toyota Tundra just recently got a complete overhaul after more than a decade, so the automaker had plenty of time to work out wrinkles in its reliability.

All trucks in the study outperformed the overall vehicle average of a 11.8 percent chance of lasting 250,000 miles. iSeeCars looked at more than 260 million cars from between 2012 and 2022 to create its model. But, as the firm’s executive analyst, Karl Brauer, pointed out, vehicle lifespans are increasing. Most people considered 100,000 miles to be the upper limit of mileage, but with new vehicle costs on the rise, people are compelled to hold onto their old cars longer.

Of course, owner behavior has a significant impact on vehicles’ lifespans. People who care for their cars and take care of routine maintenance tend to get more life out of them in return, while abuse and neglect can drastically shorten a car’s life.