Keeping Your Leather Seats Looking Great

leather seat cleaning conditioning

Your Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC dealer, Freeman Grapevine knows there’s nothing quite like leather car seats. Of course in our Texas heat, leather can dry and crack if you don’t maintain it properly.

Now I know what your may be thinking, “I thought leather was supposed to be low maintenance?” You are right. It is actually very easy to take care of, but you should also keep in mind that you need give it some attention from time to time. In fact, keeping leather car seats clean is simple with the use of two-part cleaner and conditioners that can be found at an auto parts store.

The application process is very easy and will not only extend the good looks of your leather car seats, but cleaning and conditioning will also help prevent rips and tears that are commonly found in under-conditioned leather.

Keep in mind that leather must be carefully cleansed before it can be properly conditioned. As leather ages, it loses essential guards infused into the leather during the manufacturing process. That leaves the leather susceptible to dirt, oils, and UV damage. To keep leather looking and feeling its best, you must first clean it and then replace the lost moisture and protection.

If you aren’t sure if you are properly cleaning your leather seats, or would just rather have someone do it for you, feel free to bring your vehicle by Freeman Grapevine. We can restore most damaged leather to its “like new” state.