2016 Enclave Comes With Streaming!

James, Flcikr Creative Commons

Holy Family Vacation Batman! Buick has just announced that their 2016 model year Enclaves will feature OnStar’s 4G LTE Connectivity!  What this means is this will be a major upgrade in connectivity for families on the go. The 4G LTE comes with a Wi-Fi Hotspot that will support up to 7 devices simultaneously. Let’s face it folks, those days of license plate bingo, and the endless “Are we there yet?” questions are fading into a thing of the past. You see more and more cars on the road where everyone is on their device of choice, and now they’ll be able to connect on the road as well.

And now a little about 4G LTE. It is rated as the fastest and most up-to-date mobile network, and is advertised as being 10x faster than 3G and 100x faster than previous versions of OnStar service. As an added benefit, OnStar provides broader, wider-ranging coverage for smartphones than they can currently achieve through their cellular networks. Not only will you be able to stream on the go, but OnStar’s RemoteLink Mobile App will allow you to control several vehicle functions from your phone!  You’ll be able to send it directions and access information on the vehicle as well!

You’ll get 6 months of service as a standard, with an opt-in feature called FamilyLink which will allow you to receive vehicle position alerts, check location of the vehicle online, as well as stay connected with your loved ones while they’re on the road. If you choose the five year OnStar Basic plan, it comes with OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics which conducts monthly tests of all your vehicle’s systems and provides an alert if maintenance is needed. Also included is the RemoteLink Key Fob Service which will allow you to lock or unlock the doors, start the engine, honk the horn, turn on/off the lights from your phone anywhere you have a data connection! It’s a killer option.