NIght Of Destruction!
AllieKF, Flikr Creative Commons

Holy Moly! This might be worth a quick road trip to California the weekend of June 6th! If y’all aren’t familiar with a Night Of Destruction type event, it’s kind of like a demolition derby amusement park meets Redneck Olympics. I don’t quite know how to describe the automotive mayhem that goes on at these events, so let me add some context and we go from there OK?

So, can we agree that there is a portion of the US population that ONLY watches NASCAR, the Indy 500, NHRA events, and Motocross for the crashes? Can we agree on that? Maybe we ourselves might be in that category from time to time? Maybe? Well the Night Of Destruction was invented by, for, and about those folks. It’s all about the crashes people, all about the crashes. I mean, for example,  these folks put on events where you can race whatever you brung….on  figure 8 track….hauling a trailer!! They even have rollover contests! They’ll put on demolition derbies for RV’s, school buses, whatever you can think of that has four wheels and a motor. Motocross not exciting enough for you? How about Demo-cross? Demo-cross with a trailer?

Now of course in this nanny-state age of helicopter parents and families who have lawyers on retainer, there have to be some safety precautions. You’re not allowed to run the track in the opposite direction as the rest of the traffic for one thing. For another they do wet the track down to limit speed…and therefore impact trauma. The rules state that you can (and should) reinforce the driver’s door, but please don’t use concrete. No glass is allowed in the car, and no drugs or alcohol are allowed in the pits. Safety belts are required (thank God), and no passengers are allowed in race vehicles. So, if you have a crazy streak, want to earn cash & prizes in the $3-500 range as well as come home with a limp and a grin, then Destruction racing might be for you! See y’all at the Perris Motor Speedway in Perris, CA June 6th!