Introducing the Avenir: The Buick Concept Car

Every year, there a plenty of announcements being made during the annual Auto Show up in Detroit, but this year Buick made a whopper of one. Check out the new Avenir concept car!

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I know it’s a long shot that concept cars ever reach production, but I would love to have one of these on my lot! Here’s a little bit of what they had to say about the styling of the Avenir:

The Avenir concept’s signature sweep-spear body side motif and nod to the “boat-tail” styling of the 1971-73 Riviera are modern interpretations of classic Buick cues proposed by Lead Designer Warrack Leach and the Australia-based staff.

On top of that, check out this video detailing the announcement and the specs.

Check out the official announcement over on Buick’s site.

What do you think? Would you drive one?