Keeping Your Interior From Cracking

For anyone who’s had a car for over a few years, you dread the day that your dashboard begins to crack and exposes the foam underneath. Once that starts, it all downhill. Your dashboard and seats will keep cracking and getting worse as time goes on. Here in Texas, our harsh Summers make it even, the high temperatures and Sun’s rays do a number on those dashboards and leather seats. Here are a few things you can do to extend the life of your dash.

1. Use a protectant

You can pick them up at just about any auto store or general retail store. Armor All is probably the most popular one on the market. They do a great job of keeping your interior protected from the Sun’s harmful rays. But you can’t just do it once, you have to be vigilant and apply it often. For leather seats, get a leather conditioner and apply it as often as you can, no one likes the feeling of torn and cracked leather.

2. Buy a dashboard cover

I used to have one in my old truck and it looked a little funky, but it kept my dashboard from cracking! You can get these made specifically for your car so it fits in all the right places and doesn’t cover your window vents.

3. Use a Sun shade

Using a reflective Sun shade not only keeps the UV rays off of your car’s interior, it also keeps your car a few degrees cooler. If you park your car out in the sun while you’re at work, you should definitely invest in one. Parking your car in the Sun for many hours per day will only shorten the life of that dash.

4. Get your windows tinted

If you are still driving around without tinted windows, you’re asking for it! The film that auto detailers use for tinting windows will protect your interior from those harmful UV rays, too!

What do you do to protect your car’s interior from cracking?