Have You Heard Of The Elio?

Photo Courtesy of eliomotors.com

Check this out! I saw a friend of mine post an article about this car/motorcycle hybrid called the Elio. I think it’s a pretty neat idea, especially in a world where Smart cars are available. It looks like a good alternative to gas guzzlers. On their website it shows that they get 84 miles per gallon and cost less than $7,000!

I bet it would be super fun to drive, almost like driving a go-kart to work every day. If their specs are right, then it can go from 0-60 in 9 seconds, which isn’t very fast. Then again, when driving to work, you don’t ever hit 60 anyways.

With an 8 Gallon tank, you can conceivably drive 672 miles without filling up your gas tank. You could make it from our headquarters here in Grapevine to Albuquerque on one tank of gas. That’s pretty amazing.

Best of all, they’d all be made right here in America. When production starts on these little 3-wheelers, it’ll be based in Shreveport, LA. As of June 22, 2014, there are already 22,000 pre-orders for them!

I realize that by looking at the picture above, you’re probably thinking that it can’t be a safe drive. According to their research, it actually is. Take a look at this video and see for yourself.

What do you think about the Elio? Would you drive one?