Ozzie’s Q & A: Shocks and Struts

Photo Courtesy of VehicleFixer.com

Hey guys and gals! I wanted to put together a compilation of some questions I get asked a lot. Working for a GMC/Buick car dealer for many years, I’ve learned quite a bit. So here’s a few questions I get asked on a pretty regular basis.

What’s the difference between a shock and a strut?

Both of them perform the same function, making your ride smoother, but struts are a little more complicated, therefore, more expensive, too. Struts are an essential component of your steering system as well as supporting a great deal of your vehicle’s weight. Some cars use struts, some use shocks, some use both!

When should I replace my shocks and struts?

If you purchase a cheaper set shocks or struts, they generally last anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 miles, depending on how crazy of a driver you are. Higher quality shocks and struts are known to last from 50,000 miles up to 100,000!

How do I know when I need to replace my shocks/struts?

You may never notice a change in your car’s handling since it is a gradual decline. Have you ever seen a car driving down the road that hit a speed bump and bounced 3-4 times before finally evening out? More than likely, the driver has no idea that’s happening because it’s been such a gradual process, to them, their car drives like it always has. Excessive bouncing, leaning, swaying, vibrations, and scuffed areas on your tire threads are all good indicators of needing your shocks/struts replaced. Of course, we can always do that for you!

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