Driving Apps To Help Your Wallet

With warmer weather coming up in a hurry, that can only mean one thing: Gas prices are going to go up. Every time I look down at my gas meter, I hope that I’ve got enough to last me a few more days. Filling up my car takes a good $50 and if I fill up 4 times a month, that’s $200! I’ve been on the lookout for ways to curb my gas-guzzling ways and also keep my eyes out for ways to spend less at the pump. Here’s a couple of useful apps for your smartphone that I’ve found to be a great help.


This is a particularly useful app when you’re trying to find the cheapest gasoline in relation to where you are. Sure, there are other apps out there like it, but I’ve found this one to be the easiest to use. Just start up the app and within seconds, it shows you how much the gas prices are in relation to where you are located. You can sort it by distance from you and by price. It’s always helpful to know that if you drive a little bit further down the road, you could save 5 cents per gallon instead of settling on the first gas station you see.


AutomaticThis is a brand new app that looks promising. For $99.95, it includes a device that you plug in under the dash and it monitors your driving habits, gas mileage, even your check engine light! It’s also a parking reminder for those of us who sometimes forget where we parked. Automatic can also detect when you’ve been in a crash and will notify the authorities of your location. One of the best features of Automatic is the driving adjustment suggestions. If you tend to have a lead foot or like jumping out from a stop sign too quickly, it will recommend ways to improve your gas mileage. By keeping track of your trips via GPS and transferring them to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can see exactly how well you’re doing and what improvements can be made with your driving habits. Here’s the video for more details:

What apps do you use in regards to driving?