What Can I Do With My Unused Car?

Image courtesy of auto-carsale.com.

Surely you know of someone who as a vehicle that is sitting in a garage somewhere, collecting dust, waiting to be fixed or sold. I see them all the time when I’m out and about. The cars that sit in the driveway and just take up space. Not only are they an eyesore, but they can actually do some good for someone if they are donated to a charity that uses them to fund medical research or any other great cause. I’ve selected a few and I want to make you aware of them, so next time you visit your friend or family member with an old car, boat or motorcycle missing an engine and likely never to be fixed, you can give them a reason to get it out of their driveway and reclaim their space. Not to mention, their donation is also tax-deductible!


One of the largest 501(c)(3) organizations offering free pick-up of your unused cars, boats and RVs. Kars4kids.org uses all of the proceeds from the donated vehicle to help a variety of organizations that help children all across the United States. Check out some of the charities they are partners with.


This car donation service benefits the Make-A-Wish foundation and helps make a kid’s dream come true! Wheelsforwishes.org, like most of the car donation organizations, also accepts RVs and motorcycles if you have one sitting around the yard. Fill out their donation form online and help put a smile on a child with a life-threatening illness’ face.


If you’d rather make a donation to help our soldiers overseas, then carsforUStroops.org is right up your alley. They support a number of charities (including the Wounded Warrior Project) involved with members in active duty and veterans back home.

If you know of someone who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of selling their used (or broken) car, mention the donation options they have.