Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC, Diagnose Tailpipe Smoke

So, you started your Dallas Fort Worth Buick or GMC and you’ve noticed some smoke being emitted from your tailpipe and you aren’t really sure what’s causing it. More times than not, tailpipe smoke is not a very serious issue, but on some occasions it can be.  There are four different types of smoke your vehicle can emit and of course you don’t want to have a bad tailpipe smoking issue so below are some tips on how to tell what type of smoke you may be seeing.

Thin white smoke: No need for concern

If your tailpipe is emitting a thin cloud of white smoke which looks more like a vapor then there is no need for concern.  This is the result of a normal condensation buildup inside of the exhaust system. You’ll probably see some drops of water as well fall from your tail pipe,  this is also no need for concern. Condensation usually builds up over the night and is can be seen during the first start up in the morning. This thin white smoke should dissipate quickly after leaving the tailpipe

Thick white smoke: Call the tow truck or Get to Freeman Grapevine

If billowing white smoke is coming out of your tailpipe and does not look anything like the vapory white smoke as describe above then you most likely have a serious problem and need your vehicle to be seen by your Dallas service department at Freeman Grapevine.  This thick white smoke is an indication of engine trouble and means that there is potential for overheating. Driving with this condition may cause even more damage. Possible engine problems could be a blown head gasket, damaged cylinder head, the engine burning coolant or a cracked engine block.  All of these are serious problems that need immediate attention as they affect your engine.

Black Smoke: See Freeman Grapevine Service Department

If the exhaust of your vehicle is emitting is black or dark, then you need to get your vehicle checked out right away as your engine may be burning too much fuel.  There are two different kinds of black smoke, one being okay and the other not so much. If you start your car in cold weather and get black smoke, but then it clears up as the engine warms up then it’s not really anything to worry about.

However, if the black smoke keeps on coming out, then it may be an indicator of a dirty or clogged air filter, a clogged fuel injector, or a faulty sensor. Regardless, you will need to get your vehicle checked out.

Grey or Blue Smoke: See Freeman Grapevine Service Department

Oil being burned in the engines combustion chamber may result in thick grey or blue smoke coming out of your tailpipe. This problem can range from something minor as a clogged oil passages or something more serious.

If your engine is burning oil, it stands to reason that your oil level will be decreasing and will need to be checked often and topped-off. If this problem is not fixed you will eventually ruin your spark plugs, which can cause an overall decrease in gas mileage.

So you see that there are different types of smoke your car can produce, not all of it is bad, but most of them are. If you believe you are burning anything other than water vapor, then you are going to want to get your car serviced by your Fort Worth Service Professionals at Freeman Grapevine.