How To Check Your Radiator For Leaks

Your Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC dealer, Freeman Grapevine wants to remind you that it’s a good thing to check your radiator periodically for leaks. A large leak is obviously easy to spot, as you will see green anti-freeze collecting under your vehicle. However, not all leaks are as easy to determine. For example, the walls of your radiator are fairly thin and can develop cracks from the pressure that build up during normal driving. These tiny fissures may be leaking fluid at a slow pace and it might be difficult to tell if there is even a leak at all. Check out the video below to see how you can help diagnose a radiator leak your car.


Was this helpful? Even though your car may be new, I wanted to stress the importance of keeping that new car in perfect working condition. If you think you may have a leak in your radiator, bring your car into Freeman Grapevine ASAP before it gets worse. A leaking radiator can turn into a catastrophic breakdown. Fix it before it does.