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More Front End Clicking Noise


The other day I wrote about bearing noise coming from your front wheel drive car. It usually sounds like a constant “hum”. Today I want to cover a different noise: Clunking or clicking when you take a turn. Let’s say that you’ve already determined that something is wrong with your wheels. But, what exactly is it? Do you hear a clicking noise when you make a turn? Do you see grease around the tires? If you do, these are symptoms of a problem with your car’s axle system. The axle system is simply what enables you to turn and move the wheels. When the axle goes bad, you may also feel extra tension when turning the steering wheel.

If this sounds like it could be your auto repair issue, watch  the video below with Mechanic’s Master Mechanic, Michael Renteria for a more detailed explanation. Michael, an ASE certified technician, explains why your car’s axle system is throwing grease (cracks in CV boot) and why you’re hearing clunking or knocking.

Now if you’ve found that you believe that you are having an axle problem like described in the video above, you are going to want to bring in your vehicle as soon as possible as to avoid causing any further damage to your front axle. Bring your GM vehicle by Freeman Grapevine and we’ll check it out for you.


What Is Inspected At The 75,000 Mile Maintenance Check

Everybody wants to have a vehicle that lasts forever, or at least long enough to give the vehicle to your oldest child when they go off to college. One thing to remember is that the moment you drive the new vehicle off the lot is when your car’s factory scheduled maintenance begins.

Having regular factory maintenance inspections ensures that your vehicle will be working at its best as any issues can be addressed before they become serious issues. Your vehicle maintenance will consist of basic scheduled service and intermediate scheduled service.

75,000 Mile Service Check

The 75,000 mile service check is an intermediate scheduled inspection that isn’t as intensive as a major service check but the inspection involves more than just checking and changing your vehicle’s oil. Most mechanics and dealerships will perform many of the same services, with added tweaks to stay competitive against other service centers. Here are some of the basic things that are done during the 75,000 mile service check.

Visual Inspection: A good mechanic will visually inspect areas of the vehicle that experience the most wear-and-tear. They should inspect all belts, hoses, suspension bushings, brakes, and motor mounts. The vehicle will also be inspected for leaks, unusual noises when in operation and strange noises that may indicate a problem.

Filter Replacements: You’ll have the oil and filter replaced, the engine air filter checked and perhaps the cabin air filter changed.

Recall Issues: Freeman Grapevinewill also check if your vehicle falls into the manufacturer’s recall list for any significant problems that need to be fixed so the driver won’t be put at risk while out on the road.

Some other maintenance your service technician may perform include tire replacement, shock/strut replacement, and replacing the drive belt. In addition, a safety inspection will also be performed so that you are rest assured you will be driving a tip-tip vehicle out on the road. If any leaks are noticed, the service technician will be able to find out where it is coming from and fix the problem.

So keep an eye on your odometer and make sure to schedule your 75,000 mile factory maintenance inspection so that your vehicle can be checked for any potential problems. With this inspection, your vehicle will last for a very long time without needing extensive major repairs due to negligence.

Guess What Happens When You Don’t Change Your Oil

Freeman Grapevine is wondering: “Do you know what can happen if you don’t change your oil regularly”? I can already hear the grumbling.

“Yes Ozzie, our engines will have to work a little harder. No big deal, these modern cars can handle that sort of thing.” Really? Take a look at the video below. The car that is the subject of the video is all of 5 years old and it looks like someone has poured tar into the engine. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

Oil changes viscosity under the extreme and constant pressure, heat and friction your engine produces. Over time, your oil will begin to solidify and turn to a gunky tar that puts your engine’s life at risk quite literally. An engine that hasn’t had regularly scheduled oil changes is subject to a catastrophic malfunction, or break down. You could be looking at a total engine replacement, and that is not a cheap repair. In fact, cleaning the engine when it has reached this state is similarly expensive procedure.

I know I’ve written about this before, but I really want you to get the most out of your Buick or GMC vehicle, and in order to do so, that means regularly changing your oil. It really is a very simple and inexpensive thing to do.

If you haven’t had your oil changed in the past 5,000 miles, then it’s time to bring your new or used car into Freeman Grapevine and get it done. Remember, it’s going to cost you a lot more money the longer you neglect your engine’s necessary oil changes.

Ever Wonder What A 5 Million Dollar Garage Looks Like

Here at Freeman Grapevine, we love all things automotive and this is simply amazing. The garage in the video below cost roughly $5,000,000 to construct, includes and aircraft carrier elevator and contains millions more in cars, trucks, SUVs, Motorcycles, an RV and God knows what else. I just clicked on the video for fun. This is reported to be one of the most expensive personal garages in existence.

Take a look for yourself.

Now while we all can’t afford or even need such an elaborate car collection and housing facility, I goes to show you that the love some people have for the automobile knows no bounds. Have you run into really unique automotive videos, or stories you can share?

Now do I really need to say that, although this guy’s garage might be impressive, it can’t beat our service center facility…hey, at least we have more certified mechanics than that guys does.

Power Windows Stopped Working And Rubber Seal In Door Is Cracked

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Have you ever thought about the need to lubricate the rubber seal in your door where the window fits? If you haven’t, then think about this.Over time the rubber seal, where your window should sits snugly when rolled up, will dry our and will start folding which will continue to damage the rubber and eventually create a gap.

Further, you will put more strain on your window motor and cable system. As you probably can guess, a power window motor replacement will cost a fairly decent amount of money when all is said and done.

So, how can you make that rubber seal in to window section of your door last longer? Check out the video below. It gives a really good lesson on how to save the rubber seals in your car doors.


If you’ve already well past this point and need to have your window motor replaced in your Buick, or GM vehicle. Or, if you need to have your rubber seals replaced, you can bring it to Freeman Grapevine and we’ll see if we can salvage it first. If it needs replacement, well, we’ll let you know and you can choose to replace it…or never open your window.

Understanding Your Air Intake System


When was the last time you checked your Air Intake System? The air intake is commonly overlooked in relation to the enhanced performance of your GMC, or Buick. The problem is that many people will neglect to follow up on common vehicle problems unless these problems hinder the operation  of their vehicle.  This is the worse thing you can do.  A problem which may seem small right now could erupt into an even larger scale problem that could ultimately cost you a great deal more money than if you would have corrected the issue when it first was revealed.

One problem that many people attempt to avoid dealing with is issues with their vehicles air intake system.  If you remember one thing about this article it should be this:

“The air intake mechanism in your vehicle can’t be ignored!  Ignoring this element could cause additional damage to your vehicle and could also render it useless.”

What Can Happen If I Don’t Repair Or Replace My Damaged Air Intake System?

Deposits can accumulate on air intake valves, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers.  When this happens, your vehicle could lose power and be rendered useless.  You could also experience a misfire, knocking, or a rough idle.   Finally, you may have a very hard time starting your car.

What Do I Do If I Am Experiencing Issues With My Air Intake System?

If you are experiencing issues with your vehicles air intake system you should immediately stop driving the vehicle and immediately correct the issue.  You can attempt to clean the air intake mechanism on your own, or you can take your vehicle to a trained specialist who can repair and clean or replace your vehicles air intake mechanism for you.

The good news is that a new air intake system is inexpensive and can generally be replaced with little effort.  Even if you choose to carry out this task on your own, you will quickly discover that it is a very simplistic process.  Additionally, you will quickly be pleased with the manner in which your vehicle will operate once you have cleaned, repaired, or replaced your damage system.

Here’s a fun little video to show you how easy it is to clean your new car’s air intake system: (Yes, I know the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car.)

If you have any more questions about your air intake system, just call or visit Freeman Grapevine. Remember, having a clean and properly functioning air intake system is paramount for your Buick, GMC or any any other brand to function efficiently.

The 2015 GMC Yukon, Yukon XL & Yukon Denali Redesign Is Here

2015 yukon, 2015 yukon, xl, 2015 youkon denail, new yuon, freeman grapevine, gmc

Hot on the heels of the 2014 Sierra remodel come the newest from the GMC design camp is the 2014 GMC Yukon, 2014 GMC Yukon XL and 2014 Yukon Denali. Let me tell you, just like the 2014 Sierra, the 2015 Yukon is impressive.

There are no sacrifices in the motivation department, the 2015  GMC Yukon are fitted with the EcoTec3 5.3-liter V8 as standard. Thanks to direct injection and a host of other improvements, the new-generation small-block V8 is substantially more powerful, generating a projected 355 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and 383 pound-feet of torque at 4,100 rpm. Those figures compare with 320 hp and 335 lb-ft of torque for the outgoing SUVs’ 5.3-liter V8.

For the 6.2-liter V8 — at first available only for the up-market 2015 GMC Yukon Denali — the numbers are a strapping 420 hp (17 hp better than before) and 460 lb-ft of torque compared to the previous 6.2-liter’s 417 lb-ft. [source: edmunds.com]

The whole vehicle is much more streamlined. Make no mistake, the 2014 Yukon is sleek, athletic and bold. One of the unique features is the inlaid doors which are cut under the roof line. This provides two very important functions. First, it really adds to the overall streamlined look of the the new Yukon. The other benefit is the added sound baffling. The triple sealed doors provide an even quieter ride.

Now, not necessarily one of the things that GMC wants to really brag about, but it is one that they have certainly have made considerable improvements on and that’s the popularity of GMC with thieves. In order to curb this dubious distinction, multiple anti-theft deterrents have been put into place, to curb any theft. Of course, they can’t keep you from keeping your purse, or laptop in plain sight on your front seat …that’s on you.

Call Freeman Grapevine today to set up a test drive of the all new 2015 Yukon, Yukon XL and Yukon Denali. I promise, you will not just be pleasantly surprised , but thoroughly impressed as well.


Find A Bad Wheel Bearing Everytime

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This, quite possibly, is the easiest way to find and diagnose a bad wheel bearing. Let’s say that you know you have a bad wheel bearing because you can year it on the road. However, when you lift it and spin your wheel, you can’t hear it. You must not have a bad wheel bearing. Wait!!! just because you don’t hear it now doesn’t mean you don’t have a bearing issue. Check out the video below.

You are going to have to use feel to determine if you are having a wheel bearing issue. Remember to put your hand on the spring on the strut, you’ll feel a roughness in the spring.

If you think you need help with your wheel bearings, don’t hesitate to call Freeman Grapevine. We’ll put this exact technique to use ourselves with your GM car on the lift. It’s the easiest way to find a bad wheel bearing.

Buying A New Car Online, How Easy Is It

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Is buying a new car online right for you? That’s a really good question. With more online resources the and ever, the automotive industry on the dealer side has changed quite a bit. First, the amount of information readily available to the potential car buyers is vast. There’s almost noting you can’t find out online. In fact, more people than ever are coming into my dealership extremely well prepared with knowledge about a particular Buick, or GMC that they have done mounds of research on.

Well, what about actually purchasing a vehicle online? This is something that we are seeing more and more. People are opting to take their purchasing power online rather than having a face to face with a salesman, which can be uncomfortable and daunting for some. Negotiating price isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. This is where buying your newt new car online might be right for you.

I guess one of the misconceptions about an online purchase is that you lose your negotiating power, which is entirely not true. In fact, it puts a little more power in your hands. You now have the ability to take your time when negotiating a price. Just because an online seller gives you a price, that doesn’t mean that you can’t see if there is any wiggle room, or any additional options they might be willing to throw in before you agree to make the purchase.

Check out the new report below:


As was state in the video, some people actually enjoy the face to face negotiation process, while others just aren’t that comfortable with it. These are the types of buyers that would benefit from purchasing online. Just remember, regardless if you are making your purchase online, or at the dealership, you are going to want to take a test drive. If you can swing it, rent the vehicle you are looking at purchasing and keep it for a weekend. This way you have a much better idea if that vehicle is going to fit your needs.

So there you go, the face of car buying has changed. You now have a choices. It all depends on what your are more comfortable with. So, if you are looking for a new Buick, or GMC and are interested in buying online, start at Freemangrapevine.com. If you are the type that gets a rush from face to face negotiations, then just swing by Freeman Grapevine and let’s chat.

Has anyone bought a car online before? What was your experience like?

GMC Sierra, The Ultimate Tailgater

sierra tailgating, ultimate tailgating, gmc tailgating, freeman grapevine, gmc football, gmc game,Finally, Football is back!!! Of course that means you are busy selecting the games you are going to attend, but more importantly, you are making even bigger preparations for tailgating that game!

Of course, what better way to tailgate more efficiently in a new 2014 GMC Sierra. Sure you can tailgate in any vehicle, but it’s just more authentic in a truck. Am I right? Plus just take a look at how cool this tailgate is!

You’ll have more space to transport food and beverages, tents, chairs, TVs, and grills (take a look at the one in the picture above…that’s a great grill). Let’s face it, tailgating is the ultimate fan preparation before the teams hit the gridiron.

Check out the fine are of tailgating in this video. It’s worth the watch! (Yeah, It’s a Bengals oriented video…Cowboys fans do it better).

If you are looking for a new way to start tailgating, try it in a luxurious new 2014 GMC Sierra. Come and take a look at all of the great tailgating options Freeman Grapevine.

Have any great tailgating stories? Share ’em with us!