Do You Know How Your Airbag Really Works?

I just wrote a blog entry about airbag safety and your children. That got me wondering how much you really know about your Buick, or GMC’s airbag itself. We’ve had a few DFW Buicks and GMCs come through our┬áService Department recently that were in minor fender benders. However they were just “major” enough to deploy the airbag. Consequently, that got me thinking, not just about the rate an airbag deploys, but also deflates.

This is a very interesting video on “How Your New Car’s Airbag works. The airbag has been something that I think that we have started to take for granted. For example, we know that they inflate at an extreme speed, but did you also know they have to deflate almost just as fast?

This is a very informative video. Check it out:

I know when it comes to understanding the airbag all you probably care about is that it works. However, you really should try to learn everything you can about your vehicle. The more you know, the more you can assist Freeman Grapevine with any issues you may be having with your Dallas Fort Worth Buick, or GMC.

Does anyone have an airbag story they can share for all of us who have been lucky enough not to experience it first hand?