How Can I Get a Better Deal on Car Insurance?

In this economy, Freeman Grapevine wants to make sure that you have insurance that is reliable yet affordable. And if you have a good driving record with no recent accidents, you should see some discounts on your car insurance.

These discounts may not happen immediately, but over time you should see a reduction in your rates.

Several insurance companies are taking performance monitoring to the next level. With the installation of an opt-in diagnostics system that communicates with on-board sensors, insurance providers can monitor driving in real time, and offer lower rates to drivers with proven safety records. Specifically, the devices measure average speed, braking speed, and total time behind the wheel.

For drivers that are below average in these areas, a discount will be rewarded after a month. Discounts can range up to 30% from certain insurers, which can provide significant relief for fiscally challenged motorists. In most states, the devices can lead to never having higher insurance rates. Furthermore,  the program is completely voluntary, with an option to cancel at any time. The devices do not include GPS, so a driver’s privacy is maintained while using the system. [Source: Motorology]


I hope that you do have a good driving record. If you do then you should shop around for the best quotes. The lowest quote does not necessarily mean the best insurance for you. Make sure they have the coverage you will need.

If you are planning to buy a new car soon, now is a good time to call around for your best quotes on a Buicks, GMCs and Used, or you can just come and check out Freeman Grapevine.