The Potential Danger of Rubber Mats in your New Car

This is a potentially dangerous problem.

Can All-Weather Rubber car mats be a danger in your new car? The simple answer is, “Yes.”

Even the most conscientious drivers could find that they are in danger as a result of something that should be protecting their car. All weather car mats are great for keeping dirt off of the carpets and they can still be used, a simple measure can ensure that you remain safe while your carpets remain clean.

The infamous, “sticky gas pedal” might not be as infamous as we thought. In many, many cases, new cars which were reported to have sticky pedals had in fact simply been trapped underneath all weather rubber car mats. The advice is, that if you intend to use rubber new car mats you must first remove the new car’s factory carpet mats, as stacking them can obstruct the pedals. This advice is relevant to any car make and model.

Pedal entrapment may also occur if the new car’s mats are not correctly fitted. Universal new car mats are prone to slipping and sliding and gathering which is a serious hazard. It is always advisable to buy tailored car mats from a reputable car mat manufacturer who can precisely cut the mats into the right shape for your car model.

If you have any questions about the safety of your new car’s floor mats, swing by and we’ll take a look at them.