Aw Man I Got A Ticket!
Fe Ilya, Flikr Creative Commons

You’ve all probably been there, but hopefully not lately. You’re toodling along down the road, minding your own business, and all of a sudden…WHOOP WHOOP! You glance up in the rearview mirror and sure enough there are red and blue lights dancing around back there, so you start making your way over to the shoulder. The officer walks up, asks for your ID and insurance and explains to you that you were clocked at X miles per hour over the speed limit. Once he gets back from his car he writes you your ticket and tells you to slow down and have a nice day.

So, what do you do now? Most folks crumple that ticket up, stuff it into the glove box and forget about it until several weeks go by and then they wake up in a blind panic wondering if they’ve missed the deadline. So what do you do now? Now, this whole little narrative is predicated on the assumption that you were justly pulled over and were actually speeding and have no problem admitting it. If you feel you were wrongly pulled over, by all means appear in court to contest. Sometimes this is a good idea in larger metropolitan areas because there is a decent chance the officer won’t show at court and the judge will dismiss. Happens in Houston fairly frequently for example.

But the common option is seek ticket dismissal through taking a Dirver’s Safety Course so the ticket doesn’t appear on your permanent record and your insurance premiums remain unaffected. To take the course, you can do it online these days which requires a set amount of time in front of your computer with test questions scattered throughout. A different option is the comedy defensive driving courses offered in most larger metro areas. The comedians get up there and in a humorous fashion, hit all the test questions in a way that keeps you entertained as well as help retain the info. Best of all scenarios though, is to keep your car between the stripes and at posted speed.