Road Trips With Your Furry Friend

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Nobody wants to leave their pets with someone for a few days while you go on a road trip. Surely, you don’t want to have them boarded, that costs money and your pet will be uncomfortable going into a place with strange people and strange animals. Luckily enough, taking a dog with you on your road trip isn’t as hard as you think it is! If you follow a few simple rules, a trip with your dog will be fun for both of you.

Crate your dog

Crating your dog is the smartest option for traveling long distances with them in the car. Not only does crating help keep your dog calm, but they cannot be a distraction while you’re driving. Dogs tend to get nervous in moving vehicles and oftentimes they will try to climb in your lap for reassurance. Once they are in your lap, your focus is now on your furry friend, which is bad for your driving. Keeping them in a crate is better for everyone.

Don’t feed them

Dogs are prone to have motion-sickness and if you give them a big meal before heading out, you may have a mess on your hands (or your seats)! You may give them a small treat when you’re stopped for gas or for a meal. Otherwise, wait until you’ve reached your destination or are done for the night.

Take them for a walk

Before you head out for a few hours and you’re stuck in the car, take them for a long walk. Getting them to exercise before a long trip will help them relax and stay calm while in the crate. Also taking them for a walk during rest stops and breaks will help them stay relaxed and rest while you’re traveling.

Taking your best friend with you is always a bonus when you get to travel. Have you traveled with your dog? How did they handle it?