Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC: 5 Steps For Child Proofing Your Car

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There are 5 important things you can do to child proof your car.

1. Car seat: this is a no-brainer. It must fit your child and be anchored properly in the vehicle itself. A poorly secured seat can be just as much of a hazard a just plopping your child down and driving off. Read your owner’s manual for proper installation. If you are unsure, swing be Freeman Grapevine and we can put it in for you. Also keep in mind that your child must fit in that seat, so if you are trying to cram your toddler into a newborn sized car seat, you are creating a hazard.time for a bigger seat.

2. Keep them distracted: Having an unruly or overly playful child in the back can be a distraction to you and affect your focus on the road, so distract them back. Most new vehicles have options for entertainment systems, think about getting one in your new car. If you aren’t in the market for a new vehicle, iPods, soft books and soft toys are your best bet. The bottom line here is that if you have to correct any behavior while driving, you are setting yourself up for a potential problem.

3. Limit clutter and remove loose objects: these things become dangerous projectiles if you are ever in a collision with your child in the car. A 1lb toy can emit a lot of velocity and pressure if your car comes to a dead stop. So it stands to reason that a 10lb object can be deadly. If you don’t need it for that trip, just take it out.

4. Communicate: After your child grows past his or her toddler stage, the begin to be more inquisitive and interested in things such as door handles and automatic window buttons. Make it clear to your child, when they are the appropriate age, that while in the car, they need to obey the rules of riding in the car. For starters, tell your child: don’t scream; don’t throw; and don’t unfasten your seat belt. He or she might not always listen, but it’s important to at least try.

5. Obey the Rules of the Road: This one is for you, Mom and Dad.  Be a safe driver. Leave a few minutes early so don’t have to rush. Don’t speed up to catch a yellow light. Don’t talk on your cell phone, eat a sandwich while you drive, or blast Bon Jovi on the radio. You have a child in the car and you can greatly improve his or her well being by simply being a safe driver.

If you have any questions or insights on this subject, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or drop me a line at Freeman Grapevine.